26th April – ‘Me’

How do you get over someone you miss terribly and will stay in your heart forever no matter how much you try to forget. How? I feel like I’m living a horror story. “Stay true to yourself, or be no one at all” Its funny, I actually bought a phone case the other day off Amazon and it said “Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn, then, ALWAYS be a unicorn” – This will  never happen right now : Or maybe ever, I feel like ‘Me’ doesn’t exist. But if ‘Me’ existed then none of the above would’ve happened. Sometimes I think I think too much, I’m too philosophical, too, Anxious, and thats why he’s gone. I can’t help but blame myself.

Blame myself.

This blog is helping my Anxiety, and at least no one knows who I am and I can talk freely about it. It feels like I am writing a story, a story and no one knows the Author too. I am Author X although I prefer to be called Jinx. I don’t want people to know my real name because they might make the link. I am enjoying talking about my Anxiety, anonymously. I think I am enjoying being, not me…

Jinx xxx


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