Monday May 9th – Horse X

Hey Readers…

So, exam season eh. Not feeling very confident in myself as usual but I have a feeling that this year will be particularly bitter. I went to Badminton CCI**** Horse trials on Sunday. Maybe me and my horse (Horse X) will compete there someday. Some german dude won the Grand Slam, the first time since Pippa Funnel. I don’t think I could ever get round a course with thousands of people watching, just waiting to judge you, or wait for you to mess up or fall. My greatest sympathy to all the ‘Ooh’s and Ahh’s’ but not even I could bare to sit through that. Horse X could never do that though, he’s too, skittish, spooky and witty. Better a witty fool than a foolish wit eh? It was hard, just to walk the course. It was crowded and hot. Anyway. Back to exams. This week will be tough. But all I know is that I did my best and I cannot do more. I feel so unsure of myself I don’t even want to know my scores. I don’t want anyone to be disappointed in me. I don’t want to feel that I could of done better. So I am going to go in with my head held high, nothing to be ashamed of. Although I do. I have alot.

I wish everyone luck in their exams if they have them. And I wish you confidence, a gift I do not posses.

Jinx xxx


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