Friday May 13th – Nobody


Ended exams. They’re finished, done for. It feels as though there are more to come, which there are, but soon. The whole process was so intimidating that I’m not sure what to think. So exhausted. So so exhausted, and I don’t even get a restful weekend. Tomorrow I’m giving a friend a second opinion on a horse she wants to buy. Then my really REALLY good friend is coming over over for the night. (I have known him since we were 4 months old) and then on Sunday I am working. 

The wind is howling and the sky is dark but I still find beauty in the country sky. The clouds are blocking the moon yet there is still light. But its pitch black. The only light is of this computer screen, which will soon fade. 

Go for gold

Try your best

For you have skills

GCSE’S can’t test

Love you all. I love all the nobodies. I am an undiscovered blog it seems. I have had no views since I started 4 months ago. 

Jinx xxx


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