Friday 3rd of June – Eddie


Half Term has rolled around again. Pity I have to spend all of it away from my beloved horse. You might call me ungrateful getting to go on holiday for a week, but theres really nothing more I’d love to be with him. Its overcast on our last day. My Mother is intent on using up the high tide for herself, me and my brother would very much like to use it for ourselves, to spend the hour or two exploring. Its colder, it wasn’t warm yesterday but It was t-shirt weather. Not today though. Theres a spider above me and I swear it moving closer and closer, I dislike spiders. I would never use the word ‘hate’ because it is a strong word that is taken like its not. I’d say I hate spiders and you’d laugh, because its not taken realistically. Still, I dislike them, with passion.


My friend is bragging about her time at home, my phone goes bing, bing EVERY SECOND.

Thanks for reading nobodies.



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