Wednesday 8th June – Loosers


So today was yet, another boring day at school. Pointless old school. I know I may seem a little old, but me and my friends competed at a rounders tournament – We lost – even though we were against the best team at my school, we lost by only a rounder. They were extremely cocky, rude and arrogant. “OBSTRUCTION – MISS, TAKE A ROUNDER OFF – OBSTRUCTION.” Like really? I mean I was playing against 16 year olds who whined and won the umpire over to win. Anyway. I got hurt pretty bad. My knees are all bruised and my arms are muddy. I was going to go to this party my friends desperately tried to persuade me to go to, but with all these bruises, they’ll think I’m a complete, loser…


Jinx xxx



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